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Unity or state of being of one’s soul is the basic nature of mind. Under the influence of Shaikh Khusru Sha Zuhoori, Dr. Zuhoori says that at the time of birth the mind exists in the apex of purity in the effect of light of the divine name called Al Ahad. As long as this exists that much all kinds of good results exist including the health in man. But it acquires multifaces through different kinds of life circumstances from the level of purity and the sense of unity which is the primeval state of mind. Consequently it grows in seven levels. It is its pure nature and interest itself that predominates among all these. But when the mind is not in a position to receive timely guidance and light, it begins to digress. In this way the mind is affected by weaknesses, problems and ailments. All these times the pure nature of sense of unity, which is said to be predominated, withdraws inside. Above this some impedimental rings of darkness are created. At this time failures and diseases occur. It is regarding this impedimental rings of darkness that the prayer verse lwalamna anfusana from the first human being Adam comes. It was at that time, that father of human race become desolated and affected by the disease called nisiyan. So from the first psychological verse ‘Rabbana lalamna Anfusana.....’. Prayer
Which is the whole form of the prayer, the seven levels of mind can be studied
It is this learning mission that the Institute of Islamic Psychology and Philosophy (IIPP) intends to carry out. The Western psychology did not have this fortune. They could only see the adversaries of mind which was created by the circumstances called lulmunnafs mentioned in this, and also to evaluate that itself in its primitive nature. From this, ego, super ego, id theories etc evolved. The influence of Christian concept that man is by birth a sinner also helped to shape Euro psychology. Islamic psychology is an entirely different scientific level from this. Though the mind is highly in a state of disease, its basic nature in illlessness divine strength. Though the mind is highly deteriorated and evil, it is fundamentally in sinless, holiness and purity. But it is temporarily hidden by the ‘lulmul anfus’. What the Islamic psycho therapist has to do is to remove these hidden screens. According to its point of view, the biggest obstacle in front of the mind is Euro psychology or psychiatry or something else. Because, the above science pretensions evaluated the mind partially and distortedly . At the same time, in all the above branches of knowledge there are numerous virtue and good principles. Islamic Psychology is going ahead by welcoming and recognizing them. Its most ultra modern form is living performed through the syllabus called ‘The School of Seven Minds’. Euro psychology, neuropsychiatry, fake medicine, black magics in medicine, Islamic psycho criminology etc.- a detailed discussion on these subjects is the one year programme of IIPP.
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School of Seven Minds  
I. Nafsul Fithwrath (Divine mind)
From birth till two years of age. Breast milk feeding time

II. Nafsu thwalab (Seeking mind)
Enquiring the “What, Which, How?” etc...... Basic Investigative mind to Ultimacy of truth.

III. Nafsu tharheeb (Saluting mind)
Saluting to Surrounded things, the causes (Sources) of things "rejecting the causes, seeking the sources” is the super stage of this mind.

IV. Nafsual Mufrad (Loneliness mind)
Declaring the world is artificial and investigating to the reality of Allah.

V. Nafsul Umoomath (Master mind)
Connecting and agreeing with a Master of life and self dedicated to him.

Nafsul Azm(Agreed mind)
This is a part of the Vth level of mind. Starting a pure life with divine activities based on the agreement with his or her master, he is didn’t any self opinion in life. Fully dedicated to master ( Bose, Chief, Murshid, Shaiq, Imam, Guru etc...) and arranging and presenting his life as a Candidate of His Master. This mind will developed to the divine vision of heart.

VI. Nafzul Mujahada (Creative mind).
New attempts, experiments, Sacrificing are growing to maturity of mind. Creativities to society, sickness peoples with the divine visions and the glorious light of heart (Qalbussiraj)

VII. Nafsul riza / Nafsul muthwma’enna
Recieving the Certifications and blessings from good people, Masters and all of this Universe. finally arraging to death as a spiritual journey.


Note: These are the real stages of minds. but there are Seven sub mind also. those are the evil spirited minds named Nafsu shaithwani.
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Seven Containts of each one minds of Seven levels of minds. from a Canadian Seminar